Lot #110

1978 Grumman AA-1C Lynx


N9805U, Serial # AA1C0131, Complete and Detailed Logs to day 1 scanned and ready for review, Last Annual date was 12/2023. 5260 hours Total Time.
Engine: Lycoming 0-235-L2C, Serial # L-14592-15, 3.0 SMOH in 2023, engine still has mineral oil in it for break in period.
Prop: Sensenich 72CK-0-52, Serial # K7309
This aircraft also has the Fletcher Aviation STC for 0-320 and 0-290 engines and will be included with the sale.
The Lynx was the last year for the AA1C Lineup and featured some of the best modification for speed, performance and reliability. This airplane has been brought back to life after a extended stay in a private collection. Basic VFR Panel includes: Standard 6 Pack, Narco CP136 Switching Panel, Narco MK12D Nav/Com with G/S, Narco Com 10A, Narco AT150 Transponder, NO ADS-B, FlightCom 403 Intecom (intermittent), E.I FP-5L Fuel Computer, E.I. EC-1 CHT/EGT Gauge, PTT on both yokes and dash. Exterior paint shows nicely (2007), Windscreen and Canopy have been replaced (2007) and have been kept in a hangar since, both are very clear and clean. Interior is factory (may have been recovered once) and is very usable. This is a nice honest first aircraft, trainer or Saturday morning $100.00 burger getter. Airplane is located in a hangar at Searcy, Arkansas (KSRC). Log Books are in our safe at the office, call or contact the Auction Company at (870) 523-5229 to schedule a inspection / review of this aircraft and log books.


Lot #106

1956 Cessna 180 (SkyWagon)


N851DA, Serial # 32600, 6930 hours TT. Started life as CF-1YK Canadian Registration, VERY COMPLETE AND VERY THOROUGH Logbooks and Documentation. Aircraft was imported into the United States in 2018 and assigned a Standard Airworthiness Certificate.
ENGINE: Continental 0-470-K, Serial # 48849-9-K-4. 750 Hours SMOH, Brackett Air Filter
PROP: McCauley 2A34C203, Serial # 230720, 10 HOURS SNEW.
Factory Float Fittings, 2023-2024 Paint, NEW 88" Black Mac MCcauley Prop, 29" Alaska Bushwheels, Brackett Air Filter, Scott 3200 Tailwheel, Basic VFR Panel including: King KY-97A COM, Trimble TNL-2000A GPS, Narco AT50 Transponder, Sigtronics Intercom, Christen Harness at Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats, PTT on Pilot Yoke. Interior shows very nicely. The headliner, seats and side panels are all nice and show well, no floor covering. This is a classic 1956 Cessna 180 that has been very well maintained and everything is documented. Airplane is located in a locked hangar South of Newport, Arkansas. Call Grady Auctions & Realty, Inc at (870) 523-5229 to schedule a inspection and review of the aircraft and logbooks.

Lot #109

1969 Piper PA-23-250 Aztec


N6944Y, serial # 27-4304, 3500 TT, Complete Logbooks to day 1, scanned and ready for review. Just completed current annual
Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 engines 620 SMOH in 2015
Hartzell "Top Props" 620 SFNEW in 2015 and 102.9 SPOH in 2021
Avidyne and E.I. avionics package update in 2019 to include:
MX-240 switching panel
IFD-550 GPS Navigator
XP-340 Transponder
Dual EI CGR-30P engine monitors
I CGR-30C data monitor and Smart Charger.
ADS-B complaint and TIS-B / FIS-B inputs via Ranger FDL-978-RX.
GAMI's, Whelen Strobes, LED Landing / Taxi Lights, E Model Nose and piles of other STC's.
Airplane is located at the Searcy Arkansas Municipal Airport (KSRC). Call the auction company to schedule a review of the logbooks. Log Books are scanned and are available for review via email by contacting shane@gradyauctions.com, 

Lot #108

1987 Becchcraft F33 Bonanza


N3077H / Serial # CE-1154, 1715 TT, Complete and Detailed Logs to Day 1. Scanned and Digitized. Annual currently being performed.
Continental IO-520-BB52B, Serial # 580077, 650 Since Factory New, After a gear up landing in 2000.
McCauley 3A32C406-D, 3 Blade Prop, De-Ice Boots, 510 Since Factory New, After Prop Strike 2004.
Very nice and well appointed interior in Cloud Gray, Castle Tan and Black. Interior Features 5th Seat, Sheepskin Seat Covers, Shoulder Harnesses, Rosen Visors, Dual Flight Control, Dual Brakes, Control Wheel Steering, Emergency Gear Extension, Overhead Fresh Air Vents and has been well maintained.
The Exterior of this F33 is nothing short of extraordinary. Finished in Graystone, Burgundy Red and Black this airplane looks great on any ramp. Exterior feature include 80 gallons fuel, Top Mounted Beacon, LED Landing Lights, Wingtip Strobes, Polished Spinner, External Power, Large Rear Baggage Door, Heated Pitot Tube, Cowl Flaps and the fit and finish you would expect from a Beechcraft product.
Avionics include:
A Current IFR Certification is being completed with the annual
Garmin GMA 350 C Audio Panel with Bluetooth
Garmin GTN 650 Nav/Com/GPS
King KX-155 Nav/Com with VOR
King KFC-200 Flight Director / Autopilot 
Garmin GTX-345 Transponder ADS-B In/Out
King KI-256 / KI-525A  AI / HSI
Insight Graphic Engine Monitor
Garmin FlightStream 510 Avionics Datalink 
BFG WX-900 Storm Scope
Avionics Master, Stratus Panel Power, Pilot/Co-Pilot PTT's, Standby Gyro, Vertical Compass, 4 Place Intercom and Panel Mounted Clock.
This 1 family owned aircraft has been based in the Midwest for the majority of it's life and it shows. Pride of ownership is apparent in this F33A. As previously stated, this aircraft had a gear up landing in 2000 that resulted in a FACTORY NEW engine and a prop strike in 2004 resulting in a teardown inspection and FACTORY NEW prop. All repairs were properly made and are thoroughly documented in the logbooks. Load your family and friends and travel in style Weight and Balance (2018) reflects a 1072 pound Useful Load. Airplane is located in a Hangar in Blair, Nebraska (KBTA). Call or contact Grady Auctions & Realty at (870) 523-5229 to schedule a inspection and review of the aircraft and logbooks.

Lot #102

2004 Rans S-6S Super Six ELSA


N606DJ, Serial # 08011420 (August 2001 Kit Date), Completed 2004-2005. A VERY NICE example of the Rans S-6S lineage. Very highly optioned and meticulously built. Complete Logbooks are scanned and available for review. Aircraft and logbooks reflect 670 hours Total Time Airframe and Engine. 
ENGINE: Rotax 912ULS serial # 4427593 with Hal Stockman 1484 Big Bore Zipper Kit (114hp), HACman Mixture Controller with EGT probes on cylinders #3 and #4, Bully Hawk Soft Start Modules and a Sensenich 3 blade ground adjustable prop provide ample power for this aircraft. "Big Bore" kit installed 05/2016
AVIONICS: Garmin GPS150XL / ICOM IC-A210 Com / ICOM IC-A200 Com / King KT-76 Transponder / PS Engineering PMA4000 Intercom – Switching Panel / Alpine AM/FM/CD player / Dual USB Plug in / 12V Power Plug / Dual PTT on sticks. NO ADS-B In or Out.
STOL OPERATIONS: The addition of the "Big Bore" Kit up front coupled with 21×8.00-6 Tundra Tires on the mains, custom High Clearance Front Fork with 6x6x6 nose wheel, VG's on the wings and under the Elevators as well as a AOA indicator with audio and visual warnings allow for easy off airport operations and amazing Vs Speeds.
This airplane is just as comfortable in cruise, too. The Randolph Ranthane Covering painted in Insignia White and Colorado Red are a nice combination that show very well. The red cloth seating and grey plastics in the interior are nicely finished with minimal wear and little / no cracking. Dash and instruments are well laid out with a standard 6 pack and plenty of engine monitoring gauges. Access panels built into the top of the glareshield offer easy acces to items behind the panel. Low Profile LED directional lights mounted above the doors offer lighting for the panel. Strobes and LED navigation lights finish off the lighting package. Johnson Bar Flaps and Manual Trim are located between the seats for easy access. Lap belts with shoulder straps at both seats. Exterior access to a large baggage area. New EarthX battery and recent replacement of ELT batteries. Last Condition Inspection was completed 10/2023 after a 10+ hour flight from Montana to Arkansas. Updated weight and Balance completed 11/2023 shows a empty weight of 694.2 pounds. Small amount of damage on the left wing leading edge, this is reflected in the pictures and is clearly pointed out. Airplane is located in a private hangar in Newport, Arkansas. Call ahead to schedule a review or inspection of this aircraft and we can have it in our hangar at the Newport Municipal Airport (M19). 870-523-5229

Lot #105

1956 Cessna 172 (170C) Taildragger


N221A – Serial # 28413, Complete and Detailed Log Books and Documentation to Day 1 on this aircraft. Last Annual Date was 10/2023. 3855 hours Total Time and going up as it is still being flown by the caretaker. Lots of upgrades and improvements to this nice Red / White timeless classic.
Engine: Continental 0-300-A, Serial # 11015-D-5-A, 1382 hours SMOH, 277.91 STOH with 6 new Superior Cylinders, 35 amp Generator, New Baffling recently installed.
Prop: McCauley 1C172, Serial # 0J043 that was recently stripped, pressed, painted, balanced and pitched to 49 degrees (2023).
Just a few of the highlights of this airplane include:
Bolen Conversion Tailwheel Kit – STC # SA296GL
Bush STOL Kit (Leading Edge Cuff, Fences, Wingtips) – STC # SA2852SW
Aileron Gap Seals – STC # SA256NW
MicroAerodynamics VG Kit – STC # SA01646SE
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes – STC # SA13GL
BAS Pull Handles – STC # SA3814NM
Peterson Auto Fuel  – STC # SA761GL
and Several Others
The Interior is nicely done with New Airtex Carpet and Headliner installed in 2022. Rosen Visors, Bose Headset Interfaces at Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats, David Clark Intercom plugs at rear seats, Narco MK-12D Nav Com, Narco NAV-122 VOR/Glideslope, Cessna 359A Transponder with Encoder and a Apollo IIMorrow Loran. Recently covered seats and side panels in Blue and Red.
Exterior paint (2022) is in good shape and shows really well. Airplane is currently setting on 21×8.00-6 Aero Classic Tundra Tires but included in this sale is the standard 6.00×6 tires and color matched wheel pants. Scott 3200 Tailwheel. This airplane suffered a ground loop in 2022 and was properly repaired and thoroughly documented. A review of the logbook also shows previous damage in 1971 and 1973. Current Weight and Balance reflects a Empty Weight of 1338.2 and a Gross Weight of 2200 pounds giving a 861.80 Useful Load. AIrplane is located in a hangar on a Private Airstrip SW of Newport, Arkansas (M19). Log Books are in our safe at the office, call or contact the Auction Company at (870) 523-5229 to schedule a inspection / review of this aircraft and log books.


Lot #107

1965 Cessna 210E “Centurion”


N4321X, Serial # 210-58623, 5560 TT and going up slightly as the aircraft is still being flown as needed. Complete log books and detailed documentation to day 1 for this airplane are available.
LyCon Continental IO-520-A(23B) 725 SFREM, Serial # 112839, Port Flow and Balance and Ceramic Coated pistons by LyCon, not your average IO-520, this engine is STRONG !! GAMI Injectors STC# SE09217SC
McCauley E2A34C73-NO 2 Blade Prop, Serial # 775375, New Prop Spinner Installed 2021.
Load your friends and family up and take off in this 1965 Cessna 210E. Whether its across the state or across the country .. get there quick and in style. Sellers are not using it enough to justify it and do not want the airplane just setting around. Current Weight & Balance (2022) shows a Useful Load of 1021 lbs.
Avionics Include:
King KMA-24 Switching Panel
King KX-155 Nav/Com with King KI-209 ILS Indicator
King KX-155 Nav/Com with King KI-208 VOR Indicator
King KA-33 Avionics Cooling Kit
N.A.T. AA80-001 Intercom (4 Places)
Garmin GPS175 WASS Navigator with LPV Approach, GA 35 antenna 
Dual Garmin G5's EFI and HSI – Garmin GAD 29B, GMU 11
Stec 50-2 Autopilot with Altitude Hold
King KT-76A Transponder
Uavionix TailBeacon for ADS-B Out
Last IFR Certification was 12/30/2021
The Garmin 175 and G5 HSI with the Stec Autopilot allow for GPSS Steering and other modes. Everything couples up nicely and Autopilot works well. Seller stated they have started to notice some small oscillation in the altitude hold in turbulent air.
PTT on each of the updated Rams horn Yokes from a later model 210 (Original yokes included in this sale).
Pilot yoke has A/P Disconnect and Altitude Hold Connect/Disconnect
E.I. SR-8A Engine Monitor
E.I. FP-5L Fuel Computer
Horizon Instruments P1000 Digital Tachometer
The dash on this 210 does not lack for much. Fly it "as-is" or put your own TV's in and make it yours. Headliner is in great shape, interior lights and eyeball air vents all work properly. Pilot and Co-Pilots fully adjustable seats were recently recovered in a leatherette vinyl, All other seats are in good shape (seats #3 & #4 were typically removed from this airplane to allow for more cargo space). This airplane has been worked out of and there are a few stains in the carpet but nothing that takes away from the overall look of the interior. Rosen Visors help to keep the sun out. The rear window and 1/4 windows were replaced a few years back and the side windows are starting to craze, they are fine as they are but I would consider replacing them in the future. Stow Away Co-Pilot Rudder Pedals. The Exterior of the airplane shows well, unlike most Cessna 210's, this one still has the gear doors and has been maintained by some of the most knowledgeable 210 mechanics across the country. Gear Saddles were replaced with new style saddles in 2022. Right wing landing gear mirror. Tires and Brakes are in good shape and nose wheel tire and tube was just replaced February 2024. Records indicate Gear Up Landings in 1971 and 1978 both were properly repaired and well documented. If you are looking for a nice 210, we encourage you to come take a look at this one. Located in our hangar at Newport Municipal Airport in Newport, Arkansas (M19). Call to schedule a inspection of this aircraft and logbooks at (870) 523-5229.

Lot #101

2004 Destiny XLT 2000 Powered Parachute


N2993A, serial # 4C0543, Tandem Seat Powered Parachute, Rotax 582 Blue Head Engine, GRT Engine Information System shows 84.2 hours, APCO PW-Hybrid-500 Wing, Ivo Prop 3 blade Ground Adjustable Prop, "T" Trailer. Missing all Log Books. Unit is N Number registered and has a Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. Unit is located at Newport Municipal Airport (M19) in Newport, Arkansas in a locked hangar, call to schedule a inspection of this aircraft. 870-523-5229